Local Fishing Spots

Usefull Waypoints when launching from Yzerfontein


The area around Dassen Island has many blinders and submerged reefs. In particular, the areas to the South, South West and West of the island. Extreme caution should be exercised at all times.
  • Harbour

    33º20’40S / 18º09’05E
  • Safe entry co-ordinate between MeeuRots and harbour wall

    33º20’37S / 18º08’30E
  • Vondeling Island

    33º09’10S / 17º59’00E
  • Die Dop

    33º24’95S / 18º05’91E
  • Kalkoond

    33º25’06S / 18º05’45E
  • Huisbaai

    33º24’56S / 18º04’55E
  • Northern Point (Dassen)

    33º24’29S / 18º04’12E
  • Southern Point (Dassen)

    32º25’77S / 18º05’98E
  • Pike Rock

    33º26’55S / 18º04’09E
  • S/W Reef

    33º29’50S / 18º04’50E


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