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NSRI Station 34 – Yzerfontein

NSRI Station 34 Yzerfontein NSRI Station 34 is now finally equipped and ready to Save Lives!

It has been just over three years since the station was started, and they now boast 2 fully qualified coxwains and 3 trainee coxwains. The station was started with only one rescue craft, Lady Coutts, a 4,2m rubber duck and with the help of Rotary Clubs of Table Bay, have recently received their brand new 7,3m RIB, appropriately named Rotary Onwards, which is equipped for speed and endurance. Rotary Onwards can run for 20 hours day or night, search in heavy mist or operate in darkness as her total equipment list includes a 24Nm radar.

Operations to Date!

Getting NSRI Station 34 off the ground was definitely the right thing to do, as recent statistics show their effectiveness to date:

Total Lives Saved to date: 11
Boats assisted to date:37
Total people assisted:122
Whales saved to date: 3
Total number of operations: over 140

The station is completely run by a group of dedicated volunteers and they are dependant on donations to ensure funding for their ongoing operations. We urge all our Boat Club members, visitors and supporters to direct all support to this ‘young’ Station.

The Station has also recently received the ‘green light’ for the construction of their new NSRI Base building, which will be located in the harbour area.

Well done to their Station Commander, Andre Nel and his entire team, who have dedicated so much of their efforts to getting this all off the ground in such a short period of time.

They Presently Require:

  1. Volunteers for training as sea crew and support crew.
  2. Building materials or additional funding for their new base station building
  3. Vehicle GPS
  4. 4 x wheel rims (for a 4x4 with 6 holes-Toyota)
  5. Helmet microphones (radio and cell)
  6. Any building materials or assistance that can be offered for the construction of the new NSRI base station to be built.